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RCWD Board Meeting Scheduled for 12-13-2023

RCWD Board Meeting

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE That the Rice Creek Watershed District Board of Managers has scheduled a meeting at the SHOREVIEW CITY HALL COUNCIL CHAMBERS, 4600 NORTH VICTORIA STREET, CITY OF SHOREVIEW on Wednesday, December 13, 2023, at 6:30 pm.

Agenda and Packet are not available at this time.

Public participation using interactive technology will also be possible using Zoom. 

In addition, by a declaration under Minnesota Open Meeting Law Section 13D.021, all meetings of the RCWD Board of Managers are in person and public while recognizing that a Manager may, based on advice from a health care professional, have a legitimate reason for not attending a meeting in a public place in person, such as COVID-19 exposure or infection, and in such circumstances may participate in the meeting remotely.