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Centerville Lake Alum Treatment to Begin This Week!

We want to inform you that we will be conducting alum treatment on Centerville Lake soon!

Our contractor, Solitude Lake Management, will be arriving on Monday, May 13th in the afternoon.  Alum application will likely begin on Tues, May 14, continuing until about May 23rd. This crucial step is part of the Centerville Lake Internal Phosphorus Load Reduction Project aimed at improving water quality.

During the application process, we kindly request that residents avoid entering the water to ensure the safe and effective implementation of the treatment. Your cooperation is vital in making this initiative a success.

Thank you for your understanding and support in our efforts to enhance the health of Centerville Lake.

More project details here: Centerville Lake Alum Treatment Project

For more information or inquiries, please contact:

Matt Kocian

Lake & Stream Manager