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2020 Watershed Management Plan

The Rice Creek Watershed District (RCWD) worked for two years to complete this ten-year update to its Watershed Management Plan. The RCWD utilized both a Citizen Advisory Committee and a Technical Advisory Committee to provide preliminary input, review, and comment from its partners and the public during various stages of the update process.

The 2020 RCWD Watershed Management Plan outlines the key goals and strategies that RCWD implements to address the challenges facing the watershed. It emphasizes the importance of water quality management, flood control, and natural resource preservation. Through a combination of monitoring programs, watershed modeling, and implementation of best management practices, RCWD strives to improve water quality and ensure sustainable water resource management.

The plan highlights specific initiatives such as monitoring programs, best management practices, and stormwater management techniques to address the unique challenges within the watershed.

The 2020 Watershed Management Plan also emphasizes the importance of community engagement and stakeholder involvement in decision-making processes, recognizing the significance of public participation in achieving effective watershed management.

The current plan will govern the District through 2029. The planning process for the next RCWD 10-year watershed management plan is expected to begin in 2028.

The plan and all appendices are available to download below in Resources section.

Updates to the 2020 Watershed Management Plan

On May 26, 2021 the RCWD Board adopted Resolution 2021-08 approving a suite of very minor updates to its 2020 Watershed Management Plan. These updates were intended simply to make minor corrections and keep the plan current. The plan update did not require a formal external review, pursuant to Minnesota Rules 8410.0140, subpart 1a.

On August 23, 2023 the RCWD Board adopted minor amendments to its 2020 Watershed Management Plan. See below for amendments. The plan update did not require a formal external review, pursuant to Minnesota Rules 8410.0140, subpart 1a.


If you have any questions about the plan or need additional information, contact

Nick Tomczik

District Administrator