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The RCWD currently offers three grant programs to help improve water quality and reduce flooding within the District. We actively engage and fund projects through the Mini Grants Program, Water Quality Grants Program, and the Stormwater Management Grants Program.


Aimed at land/home owners in the district (includes residents, churches, schools, communities, and businesses). For smaller projects and outreach activities like native plants, smaller rain gardens, pollinator gardens, water outreach events, rain barrels, and more.
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Water Quality Grants

Aimed at land/home owners (includes residents, churches, schools, communities, and businesses). For larger projects that will result in improved water quality such as rain gardens, shoreline restorations, wetland restorations, and more.
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Stormwater Management Grants

Aimed at our city/county partners and other commercial or institutional landowners. For larger construction projects that provide stormwater quality treatment, runoff volume reductions, peak runoff rate control and/or reductions in groundwater usage.
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