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The Watershed

The purpose of the Rice Creek Watershed District is to conserve and restore water resources of the District for the beneficial use of current and future generations.

Are you in the RCWD?

Go to RCWD’s interactive map to see if you are located in the Rice Creek Watershed District.
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District Facilities

RCWD owns and operates several water control structures and outfalls as well as other facilities designed to control flooding and improve water quality throughout the District. Learn about these facilities here.
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Water Quality

RCWD and its local partners maintain several monitoring programs on our lakes, streams, and ditches to track and manage their water quality. Find water quality reports and information here.
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2020 Watershed Management Plan

Find our most current Watershed Management Plan here. The 2020 RCWD Watershed Management Plan outlines the key goals and strategies that RCWD implements to address the challenges facing the watershed.
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Explore the Watershed

Learn and explore some natural areas, lakes, parks, and nature centers nestled within the Rice Creek watershed. Rice Creek Water Trail information located here.
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Rice Creek Water Trail

The Rice Creek Water Trail offers a picturesque paddle. Starting at Peltier Lake, it winds through five lakes before transitioning to the creek. This page is for informational purposes only. 
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Current Projects

Look through our impactful projects at the Rice Creek Watershed District. Discover how we’re actively working to improve water quality, manage stormwater, and enhance the overall health of our watershed. Many of these projects wouldn’t be possible without our partners within the watershed. 

Our Board & Staff

Get to know the dedicated staff at the Rice Creek Watershed District. Our staff and Board of Managers bring expertise and commitment to our mission of preserving and protecting the watershed.

Want to protect your water resources?

Contact staff below to learn how you can protect water resources in the Rice Creek Watershed District. RCWD has funding available for projects, educational resources, workshops, and more.