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MPCA Smart Salting for Property Management Certification Training

Hosted by the Rice Creek Watershed District, Vadnais Lake Area Water Management Organization, We are Water MN, and the MPCA Chloride Reduction Program. Funding is provided by MPCA through the Clean Water Fund and the Environmental and Natural Resources Trust Fund.

Learn how to reduce indoor and outdoor salt damage and related costs, recognize sustainable practices amongst your maintenance crew, hear ideas for managing liability, and more. Learn about the hidden costs of salt use on properties you own or manage. Gain understanding and take a comprehensive look at your winter maintenance strategy to discover possible improvement areas. The training will cover the new chloride requirements in the recently released MS4 permit.

Who should attend?

  • Management-level property managers
  • Business owners/private contractors
  • Environmental professionals
  • MS4 permit staff
  • Public works directors and local government decision-makers
  • Public and private property owners and managers
  • Those who hire or supervise winter maintenance staff

What you’ll learn:

  • More efficient operations – Improve winter maintenance practices on your properties; hear others success. Becoming salt smart allows more time for other tasks.
  • Save money – Reduce salt purchases annual infrastructure and vegetation damage costs and more
  • Salt and snow storage – Rethink usual habits and reduce chloride runoff from wasted salt
  • Know your legal issues – Discuss managing liability and regulatory requirements
  • Reduce complaints – Guidance and resources for managing customer and staff expectations
  • Protect Minnesota’s valuable water resources – Learn about the permanent environmental impacts of chloride pollution

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Event type

Training and exams


To get involved and learn more, please contact:

Kendra Sommerfeld

Communications & Outreach Manager