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69th Ave Infiltration


Fridley, Minnesota

Completion Date






Water Body

Rice Creek, Locke Lake, and the Mississippi River

Funding Sources

City of Fridley, Rice Creek Watershed District


City of Fridley

The reconstruction of 69th Avenue was designed to address stormwater runoff to help improve water quality in Rice Creek and Fridley. 

Native plants and low-maintenance turfgrass were used to optimize filtration in the bioswales. The bioswales treat over 1 million gallons of stormwater annually (74% of street stormwater runoff), preventing 700 lbs. of sediment and 4lbs of phosphorus from reaching Rice Creek each year. This decreased algae growth in Locke Lake by over a ton.

It also resulted in a reduction of impervious surface (pavement) on this roadway by 1.17 acres or 30%, which reduced stormwater runoff amount and velocity, increased infiltration of water, and increased vegetation alongside the road. 

RCWD awarded funds from its Stormwater Management Grant program in the amount of $47,000 to help cost-share this project.

To Learn More Contact:

Matt Kocian

Lake & Stream Manager