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Revitalizing Centerville Lake: RCWD Celebrates $954,500 Grant for Phosphorus Reduction Project

RCWD is thrilled to announce that we have been awarded a significant grant for the Centerville Lake Internal Phosphorus Load Reduction Project. The grant, totaling $954,500, will support crucial efforts to enhance the water quality of Centerville Lake.

This grant application and project wouldn’t be possible without Matt Kocian, Lake and Stream Program Manager, and his team at RCWD. The District’s highly technical and data-driven grant application received the top score in the Clean Water Fund (CWF) proposed projects list, which resulted in it being selected for funding.

The project seeks to address the internal phosphorus load in Centerville Lake, a key factor contributing to water quality challenges such as algae blooms. Through the application of in-lake aluminum sulfate (alum), the project will target the reduction of sediment-phosphorus release by 80%, ultimately leading to a substantial improvement in water clarity and the restoration of a healthy aquatic ecosystem.

“We’re very happy to receive this grant funding, which will enable us to implement actions needed to restore the water clarity and quality of Centerville Lake,” said Matt Kocian, Lake and Stream Program Manager at RCWD.

Harmful Blue Green Algae Bloom on Centerville Lake

The grant funding will facilitate the implementation of comprehensive measures, including the application of 389,092 gallons of alum over 3 years, meticulous project planning and engineering oversight, and long-term monitoring of water quality, aquatic plants, and sediment chemistry. These efforts are expected to result in the annual control of 178 pounds of phosphorus and a total reduction of 2,637 pounds of phosphorus over the project’s 22-year expected life span, ultimately leading to the achievement of state water quality standards.

As part of the Centerville Lake Internal Phosphorus Load Reduction Project, outreach and education efforts will be implemented to engage and inform the community about the project’s objectives, methods, and anticipated benefits. This will cover various activities such as community workshops, educational materials, and public engagement events designed to raise awareness and foster a sense of ownership and stewardship among residents, visitors, and stakeholders.

“We’ll be encouraging community engagement throughout the entire project. RCWD is committed to working closely with the residents of Centerville and the surrounding areas to address any questions and ensure that this project is a success for everyone,” said Kendra Sommerfeld, Outreach and Communications Coordinator at RCWD.

The Centerville Lake Internal Phosphorus Load Reduction Project represents a significant step towards the restoration of Centerville Lake’s water quality, benefiting both local residents and many visitors who frequently use and enjoy the lake’s recreational opportunities as well as the regional park located on-site.

If you have any questions please contact;

Matt Kocian
Lake and Stream Program Manager

Kendra Sommerfeld
Outreach and Communications Coordinator