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RCWD and White Bear Center for the Arts Collaborate on Public Art Project

With a newly formed partnership, the Rice Creek Watershed District (RCWD) and the White Bear Center for the Arts (WBCA) are proud to announce an exciting public art project with the Minnesota Water Steward: Art for Water program. RCWD and WBCA are bringing an innovative public art installation to the Rice Creek Watershed District community.

The accomplished eco-artist Jessica Turtle has been selected as the artist for this project. Jessica is known for her diverse creative practice in two and three dimensions and is most recognized for her collaborative public work. Her artwork strongly advocates for wildlife and habitat restoration, emphasizing the interdependence of all living and nonliving things. Turtle’s commitment to water resources aligns seamlessly with the goals of RCWD.

Jessica Turtle’s past art work example.

Understanding the significance of water as the source of life, Turtle’s art communicates how a watershed preserves economies, environments, and quality of life. Her ability to create artwork that meets people where they are and motivates them to get involved aligns perfectly with the goals of this project.

Kendra Sommerfeld, Outreach and Communications Manager commented, “We’re very excited about this art project! Jessica’s experience in public art and water conservation is a great fit. The art installation is expected to be a powerful tool for community engagement, promoting water stewardship, and increasing awareness about the importance of water resources in the RCWD.”

This collaboration shows a significant step forward in public education and outreach regarding our water resources in the RCWD. The RCWD, WBCA, and the Minnesota Water Steward program are dedicated to leveraging art to inspire proactive measures for protecting RCWD’s water resources.

Sara Nephew from WBCA expressed, “We are truly excited about our partnership with the Rice Creek Watershed District and the Minnesota Water Steward program. The caliber of all the applicants was outstanding, reflecting our thriving artistic community. Jessica’s creative talent stood out among the strong pool of applicants. This is a moment of celebration for the arts, and we look forward to the unveiling of Jessica’s unique vision.”

Project Contact:

Kendra Sommerfeld

Communications & Outreach Manager